Are you after that one of a kind perfect shot?

That’s what visual engineering is all about.

Automation is the way to go! We apply all sort of technologies to the filmmaking industry and we engineer that one of a kind shot. No more happy accidents! We make it happen, over and over again with split second precision. The demand for this service mainly comes from the high end commercial market where it’s ok to be spending hours just to dress a burger for that mouth watering product shot, but what if that one delicious looking burger needs to be dropped on a flaming hot grill and spark a fire all while filming at 1000fps? Well, we have been there and it’s frustrating because you will enter the never ending loop of: let’s do one more, we can do better….

Visual engineering allows for that burger to be dropped on the exact same spot, while the same fire sparks at the same time over and over again and should you wish to change the shot, it would probably only take a few clicks on our proprietary software.

Our Visual engineering services include: Pneumatics, 12v and 230v bespoke circuits, custom lighting, CNC fabrication, all done 100% in house.

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Ideal for small high speed setups and table tops.

Works extremely well when combined with a Phantom camera.

Payload: 10 Kg

Reach: 1.1 meters from centre - 2.2 linear from left to right

Speed: 3 meters per second

Accuracy: 0.03 millimeters

Arm’s weight: 60kg

Control box: 60kg

Base: 300kg with adjustable weights

Camera mount: ARRI Dovetail | Top, side and front mounting options

Power: Standard 220V 13A socket

Setup time 1 hour

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Our flagship! For bigger productions where the extra reach is needed, works great with high speed and normal cameras.

Payload: 20 Kg

Reach: 2.1 meters from center - 4 meters linear from left to right

Speed: 4 meters per second

Accuracy: 0.04 millimeters

Arm’s weight: 255 Kg

Control box: 120 Kg

Base: 600 Kg

Camera mount: ARRI Dovetail | Top, side and front mounting options

Power: 380V 32A Industrial Socket

Setup time 1 hour

How does the magic happen? 

We can program our rigs straight from the control box, aka teach pendant, or get a live readout of the rig from Autodesk Maya where we can then pre visualise and real time edit the path that the rig is going to take.

This puts us in a unique position in the industry as we are able to pre produce the shot in a virtual environment and create proof of concepts for a fraction of a cost than a trial and error on set. Before you even have to worry about booking in crew, lighting, locations etc we can tell you with confidence if your idea is going to work and how to make it better or more cost efficient. 

We can also take a different approach and once the shoot has been completed we can export our 3D environment and hand it over to your animators, with this method they will have a solid ground to start from should they wish to combine real footage with a CGI scene, as they know exactly how fast the camera moved, at what distance in XYZ etc…

We also have a dedicated software to precisely activate any triggers throughout the shot, like pours, explosions, drops etc. This is critical when executing sequences on a phantom camera in super slow motion.

Autodesk Maya combined with Mimic is used to create motion paths that can be edited in real time.

Autodesk Maya combined with Mimic is used to create motion paths that can be edited in real time.


Our rigs can be used for virtually anything, from very standard real time repeatable moves for compositing different shots, to super fast 3 or 4 meters per second moves combined with a phantom camera to freeze time in motion and capture the perfect moment.

We can also program the rig to move frame by frame should you wish to create stop motion animations. Possibilities are endless! We love a good challenge so feel free to get in touch to discuss your next project.


Our Team


Marco Fanton

Co Owner/ Director


Rammy Anwar

Co Owner/ Technical Manager


Andrew Rider

VFX Artist/ Moco Programmer/ Editor


Greg Bass

Creative Director


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How did it all start?

It all began when a client approached us asking for some moving shots at 1000fps, having plenty of experience in film making we knew that this was going to be a challenge so we set off to build our very first MOCO rig. 

After a few weeks of sleepless nights and quite a few rolls of weld, we came up with a turntable where the product sits in the middle and the camera spins around at impossible speeds, all powered by a power drill. 

It was the cheapest way to get a similar result as the big players and IT WORKED! We were hooked and we knew that motion control was what we wanted to do!

We have come a long way since then and we now supply world leading companies and brands with completely bespoke, one of a kind shots thanks to what we call visual engineering. 

Super slow motion, lightning, pneumatics, fast robots and softwares all work together allowing us to create what would otherwise be a ‘lucky accident’ with a split second precision and infinite repetition.

Every shot is different and thanks to our CNC machinery we can build anything in house, making your imagination the only possible limit to what we can achieve.